• How do you source your items?

    This is one of our favorite parts of the job! We find treasures to pass on to you. Whenever possible, we work with independent artists and craftsman like Kubo Home. We also strive to bring you high-end pieces you might not otherwise splurge on for just one dinner. Take the Estelle Colored Glass for instance. This luxury brand of hand-blown colored glass cake stands and stemware is comprised of original commissioned pieces made by glass artisans in Poland at a glass making company with a rich 100-plus-year-old history. As they say, and we agree, best described as "jewels for your table." We are always looking to pass on quality, creativity and value.

  • Do I have to wash the dishes before I return them?

    Absolutely NOT. That’s one of the perks of Table Set. You set the table, enjoy time at the table, clear the table, but NO time in the kitchen. Leave that boring bit to us. Each box comes with a little scraper to help you remove the larger waste from serving items and plates. Get rid of major gunk then follow our simple Table Pack instructions.

  • What happens if an item arrives broken?

    Oh no. Let us know right away! We want to make that right and get you a replacement as quickly as possible. Reach out via email and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

  • What if I break an item?

    It’s OK. Let us know as soon as you can. We want to get you a replacement for your party if we can. If the party already happened and an item broke in the pack up process, still let us know and we’ll advise. For certain items, there may be a damage fee but we know accidents happen!

  • What if the shipping containers are damaged before I send back my return?

    That’s annoying and we’re sorry if you experience this. We’ll let you hang on the items a tad longer while we expedite fresh shipping materials to you for returning items. Email us if you experience this problem.

  • What if I need my Table Set sooner than the options shown available?

    We're not making any promises, but reach out! We will do the everything we can to accommodate your timeframe. We’re honored you chose Table Set for your occasion and want to be present! There might be a solution to get you what you need in time.

  • Do you ship outside of the continental U.S.?

    Not at this time. But if you live outside the continental U.S. and wish we did, we want to hear from you! We have grand plans for growth and international shipping isn’t off the table.

  • Do I need to be home for a delivery?

    All deliveries require a signature, so you must be home to receive, or a doormen or qualified individual can also receive on your behalf.

  • When do I need to return the box and how?

    All items must be returned the day after your event. However, if your event is on a Saturday, items can be returned on Monday. Orders not returned on time are subject to a late fee of $50/day.

  • Can't find all of the items to ship back?

    Wow, what a party! But seriously, we do want other Table Set Society members to enjoy the same great experience and our business depends on timely returns in order to bring the party to other customers. Items not returned after 10 days beyond the party date are subject to fees up to 200% of the retail value determined by Table Set.