Our Story

Set the table. It's the request we heard every evening from our mother, who also prepared a family meal nearly every evening. We didn't always appreciate the daily dinner chore, but we often fought over the duty to set the table for holidays and special events.

From early on, it was a chance at two things. First, to be the kid with the great privilege of unpacking the family heirlooms. A rare moment to touch the fancy crystal candlestick holders or unwrap the Christmas china. One lucky kid had the coveted job at Thanksgiving of setting out Jack & Jill, two cornhusk centerpiece people. 

The second privilege of setting a "special table," was getting to mix in our own creative genius. Take that Fourth of July we rolled down mini lunch bags for the crab shells. Or the Thanksgiving at the cabin where we fully embraced the dated dishes and dusty record player, leaning into a nostalgic 1960s feel, made fresh with trimmings from outside and pops of color from our own linen cabinet.

The simple act of setting the table - for occasions big and small - is meaningful. It takes care and planning. It prepares a space for a gathering. It signals more than just a meal, and rather designates a moment is about to take place. Table Set is designed to help you effortlessly bring more people to your table.

We've done the work to curate classic and outstanding pieces, all expertly styled to give you that party planner look, without party planner prices. You get to enjoy something fancier or funkier than your everyday style and pretend for a meal it's yours. Rent a collection box, a few add-on's, have the a great time and then ship the mess of it all back to us. We want to make you look good and make looking good feel effortless. So, Table Set, let's go!

Meet Our Founders

Sisters, friends and business partners, Kyra and Ryah are also moms, wives and the founders of Table Set. Both cut their teeth in the corporate world of marketing, advertising and PR, realizing a shared drive to launch something of their own creation. Originally launching a wedding and events businesses, but wanting to reach even more people with highly curated experiences, it was a quick leap to the concept now called Table Set.