Reasons to Rent: Let Us Count the Ways

So you want to throw a party. But you don't want to use your everyday dishes and decor. You want fresh, fancy or funky, but you also don't want to buy something you're bound to use once and then store or toss (and we hate being wasteful!). You can't justify the price tag on that cake stand you really want or you don't have time to thrift for the perfect dish combo. And what about that grass wall backdrop or the oriental rug and chaise for your lounge area. That is going to add up, and you know you are going to be sourcing from multiple sellers. 

In the same way Rent the Runway saved us when we couldn't find anything in our closets to wear, renting is the solution again for dressing up our tables and our spaces. Why rent party dishware, decor or tables and chairs near you? 

The top three reasons to rent instead of buy for your next night of entertaining:

1) You can try something new! Why not experiment with a black runner, teak wood serving trays and black candles for a moody vibe that's not your normal go-to? Light up the night with a neon sign. Or get a little frilly with butterfly napkin rings. Test the good stuff with luxury Estelle glassware (wonder(ful) woman founder by the way!). You can experiment with rentals, risk free.

2) Save space. Many of us love to entertain but simply don't have the space to store multiple place settings for various occasions. Let alone really one of a kind pieces that require special care or don't get used regularly. Why not keep your "party wear" on loan.

3) Avoid the hassle. Buying might seem the simpler route, but consider most rental options come direct-to-your-door, with instructions for easy set up, you enjoy and send it back or call for pickup. Cleaning doesn't fall on you and the day-after-party clean-up dread is a thing of the past.

So when should you rent v. buy and where? Here are a few of rental favorites we like to rave about!

Anne Marie Vintage

Jennifer Ann and Christina Marie are the incredible, generous and savvy co-owners of this boutique vintage rental service. Every single one of their pieces is thoughtfully selected to help create memorable and unique events. We had the pleasure of working with them for a styled shoot in Telluride, that wouldn't have been complete without a few touches from their boutique. Best part is, you can truly play with things you might not otherwise if you weren't allowed the great experiment that is renting. They are a must if you're planning an event on the Western Slope, based out of Buena Vista with close proximity to Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs. *Also a recognized vendor by Rocky Mountain Bride, 2021!

RTR + West Elm

That's right, Rent the Runway and West Elm partnered up to do for home decor what they did for clothing. Thank you Jenn Hyman for your brilliance once again! And right now, you can take advantage of 30% off everything for their Labor Day Sale (#NotAnAd), which we will be doing right away. We love the Candlewick Living Room Bundle to go with The Kenna Collection, rounding out a fun and playful vibe. At the same time, not sure we want to adopt the high-energy look permanently. It's nice to change it up.

Under the Sky Tipi Tents

You read that right. Tipis. We love a big tented event but no thank you, when it comes to set up, tear down and storage. These tents are absolutely stunning! The team is based in Denver, Colorado but offer services throughout the US. Did we mention they also have an accessories catalog for more renting goodness.

Hurray for Renting

Sure it's fun to buy and own something special. But we've found so much joy in renting special items, incorporating them into memorable moments and then releasing them for the next person and party to enjoy.

We'd love to hear what other rental companies you love, and any unexpected and underrated items you can rent. Leave us a note in the comments and let us know if you have a chance to try any of the above!


Kyra & Ryah





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