Ready. Set. Host. - A Q&A with spaZa Homeware

Hello again. Time to meet another one of our brilliant makers for Ready. Set. Host, a time when we talk host hacks, hopes, inspo and goals! This week we are fortunate to chat with Julia from spaZa Homeware.

You can find their gorgeous 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, screen printed cutlery rolls in every Table Set delivery, protecting your cutlery and delivering each set in style. We knew we wanted to have Julia and her work involved because even the most functional detail deserves great design and detail!

Tell us about yourself and your business.

I am a Canadian-born designer and founder of spaZa Homeware. I started the business in 2013 after being inspired by my grandmother’s hand-knit kitchen cloth. Since then, the business has gone on to produce multiple functional, beautiful household and lifestyle products, all with the intention of creating job opportunities while providing people with eco-friendly alternatives to disposable kitchenware items.

What is your hosting style in 3 words:

Relaxed, prepared and gregarious.

What occasions do you love to host most?

Any occasion where family is involved. From dinner parties to Sunday lunches and birthdays, as long as the family is present, I love to host them.

What is one secret or one tip you would give our Table Set Society to make hosting a bit more effortless and enjoyable?

The key to effortless hosting is all in the preparation. Make sure all table settings and décor are sorted out beforehand and do as much food prep as possible before the event.

If you could only hire one, would you hire a caterer, florist, baker or decorator for your next party?

I am definitely more of a DIY girl! If I can do it myself, I will go that route every time. OK maybe a leg up from time to time from Table Set, which still allows me creative freedom and a base to build from!

Who would be your dream co-host for your next party?

Definitely Nigella Lawson.

What do you think makes a great host?

Being able to be on top of things and be present with your guests. No one likes a distracted host!

Thank you Julia for allowing us and our Table Set Society a look into your style, inspiration and hosting POV.

You can find Julia and spaZa Homeware at or on Instagram @spazastore


Kyra & Ryah

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