Ready. Set. Host. - A Q&A with kubo

Welcome to our new series, Ready. Set. Host, where we catch up with artisans and fellow hosting pros about their tips and tricks to host a thoughtful, beautiful, and easy breezy gathering. These are artisans and creators of goods that we've woven into our collections to help tell a story and bring beauty to your table. 

First up, we were delighted to catch up with kubo. You'll find their beautiful  Pahiyas Woven Raffia Placemats as a statement piece in The Kenna collection. 

Tell us about yourself and your business.

I am Rumples Miranda, owner and co-founder of kubo. kubo is a home decor and accessories brand based in Brooklyn, NY. We offer unique pieces for the home that are exquisitely handcrafted by Filipino artisans. We believe in spending time on the things that matter most, that's why every one of our products is a showcase for timeless craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and beautiful materials. You can find our bestselling Pahiyas Raffia Placemats as part of Table Set's Kenna Tablescape.

What is your hosting style in 3 words:

Casual, Eclectic, Memorable

What occasions do you love to host most?

I love celebrating birthdays. I think it's safe to say that my husband and I are "birthday people." In my family, birthday celebrations range from themed playground parties for my kids to having Filipino BBQ in our backyard. It's always a lot of fun planning these events!

What is one secret or one tip you would give our Table Set Society to make hosting a bit more effortless and enjoyable?

I love making things myself and the energy of an active kitchen, but hosting doesn't mean everything has to be homemade! It's definitely okay to buy prepared food if it means taking a load off your plate. I like buying appetizers, dips, and sides from the wonderful delis in our neighborhood. It's convenient, saves time, and the stuff they have is delicious, so it's a win-win!

If you could only hire one, would you hire a caterer, florist, baker or decorator for your next party?

A caterer. Great food is a must!

If you aren’t hosting people at your home, where is your dream venue for get togethers, big or small?

It would be wonderful to host a get-together on the beach. I feel like being by the beach is an open invitation to relax, chill and enjoy, which is the vibe I always go for.

What do you think makes a great host?

A great host pays attention to the details. It may be as simple as serving the right condiments for the food or going the extra mile and setting up a kids table with all sorts of fun stuff for younger guests.


Thank you Rumples for sharing more about you, kubo, your host style and hacks! 

You can find kubo at or on Instagram

Get to know Rumples Miranda even better here.

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