Off the Plate. Inspiration for life around the table.

Welcome to a new series - Off the Plate!

We love setting a pretty table, but we also like making pretty spaces in our lives that exist around the table. Whether it's designing an inviting room, filled with textiles and art or furniture and fixtures we adore, or playing with our own personal style, we love to find inspiration all around us.

This series is meant to give ideas, and also exchange ideas on inspiration beyond the table. What colors are you excited to mix into your home? What fabrics and details are you dabbling with for your next outfit? We want to hear from you. We'll also be asking others around our proverbial table to share their inspiration sources and what they're experimenting with lately.

We'll go through the Legacy Capsule to break down each collection and apply style notes to fashion, art, music and more.

First up, The Kenna.

Playful but polished, colorful and cute but all grown up. This box packs the (fruit) punch you can mix with prosecco. Have fun with the array of colors and textures off the plate too.


Kyra & Ryah

The Kenna is fun, bright, playful but polished, mixed and matched, and fresh. Thinking about taking the look off the table? Consider a few of our favorite pics:

Mini Top-Handle Retro Leather Satchel

 Mango Straight Leg in Bright Blue



 gorjana Power Gemstone Bracelet for Inspiration



 happy shopping. back with more Off the Plate soon.

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