Libations We Love: National Rosé Day

Mark your calendars and chill the good stuff... Saturday is National Rosé Day (second Saturday in June every year)! Sweet or dry, sparkling or not, it's a day to pay hommage to one of the favorite libations of the summer. 

To celebrate accordingly, we did the hard work and taste tested a few rosés at different price points to steer you in the right direction. Let us know what you try and how you like them!

$ - La Vieille Ferme Rose

This has become one of our casual rosé go-to's. It's crisp, fruity with notes of red fruit and citrus, and has a beautiful petal pink color. There's a good balance of body and freshness, and would definitely not be in the category of too-sweet rosés. Instead it lingers with tart fruit and a dry finish. It pairs great with whatever's on the grill, sunshine, and backyard summer sippin'. Also comes in a box if you love it as much as we do. 

$$ - Rivarose Brut Prestige

This was a first taste for us and in our opinion it was interesting but not the one we kept reaching for. It definitely has shelf appeal with the Provence rose bottle shape and a nice sparkle. Of the sparkling wine variety, it was a nice bubbly dry with a fresh palate that displayed strawberries and some herbs. This rosé would be invited back to be paired with seafood and some salty air.  

$$$ - Sophie James (not outright expensive, just relative to the others)

Sophie James can do no wrong when it comes to rosé. This pinot noir rosé is a favorite and for good reason. Of course we love a fellow female-owned business and beautiful packaging, but the rosé is superb exclusive of those things too. It's fruity upfront with a crisp finish. It has light floral notes and slight acidity but in a good way. Really smooth and the crowd-favorite. Pairs perfectly with a hot day, girl talk, and a bold charcuterie board.  

Happy sipping, friends!


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