Behind the Legacy: The Phyllis Jane

The Legacy Capsule is inspired by a number of hosts in our life who continue to inspire us every day. Not only have they shown us how to set the table, or make guests feel welcome, but importantly, how to be gracious (as both host and guest) and how to be present. Don't get so caught up in your party planning checklist you lose the reason for your event. And shift gears when guests arrive!

One of the great muses in the Legacy, is our grandmother (dad's mom), Phyllis. She spoiled us at a level with the best of them! She was particular about things.She had an eye and an appetite for making things pretty, pulled-together and a tendency for coordination.

For one, she always looked very put together - matching necklace, earrings (clip on) and bracelets. Perhaps a silk scarf, both practical and pretty. She once told us she'd never fly in a dress in the event she had to go down the emergency slide. Pant Suits or sweater combos with pressed pants it was! She was prepared and polished.

We were fortunate to spend time with her in a few homes she lived in, including the family cabin in the summer and her snowbird escape in Phoenix (Mesa) in the winter. Each one having its own memorable touches, smells, functions and feelings. Meals were particularly special - and unique - at each location, in part to the dinnerware and decor. The cabin a cool cozy with midcentury nods (except they're actually from that era - record player and plates included). 

And her house in Arizona on the golf course where we sold stray balls back to the golfers. This home and all of the cups, plates and utensils in the cupboards and drawers told you it was time for vacation. And while you could let down your hair, there was still a proper table to be set for dinner! 

All of these memories of space, place and the woman herself, inspired us as we developed The Phyllis Jane.

Placemats reminiscent of the straw ones she had in Phoenix, but with a sundial design, pulling through the sunshine vibes all year round.

Oranges were essential! The smell of orange blossoms always brings us back to trips to see her in Arizona, where we enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice on the patio. We brought this through the most gorgeous dried oranges for use as place cards.

The slender flatware is a nod to the tall spoons we looked forward to stirring our ice tea with.

The dried arrangement in a stone vase remind us of the decor our grandmother placed throughout the home, using similar muted oranges, reds, nudes and white.

And the sunset and amber hues throughout, a toast to the dessert and sunsets enjoyed with Phyllis Jane. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed designing it. Like all of our collections, it was highly inspired and curated with the utmost care and attention to detail! Enjoy.


Kyra & Ryah

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