Behind the Legacy: The Melanie

Time for another look behind the Legacy Capsule, this time with The Melanie Collection. This muse is special because she not only inspired the collection, but also the principles behind Table Set. First and foremost, the understanding that those gathered around your table trump any frivolity of how the table is set (but a beautiful table doesn't hurt).

Our mother is the epitome of a perfect host.

She plans (have you seen her lists?), she preps, she kindly welcomes guests (even ones she has literally just met) and gracefully takes care of them while being present with everyone. She knows cleaning up is secondary to spending time with people at the party, but has a knack for keeping things tidy as she goes.

Melanie appreciates the little things, the big beautiful things, and all the fleeting, rare moments and magic in between.

And she really loves anything purple! So it was only natural we start there when curating this set. Calling all purple lovers! The rich purple table runner is just her color. We love how this hue can transition from daytime bridal shower to dinner time garden party under twinkle lights.

Butterflies also hold a special connection to our mom, and we wanted to find creative and sophisticated ways to bring them into the place settings. The gilded silverware is one of the most elegant touches we’ve incorporated yet balanced by the playfulness in the butterfly plates.

The semi-translucent charger plates and glassware bring another layer of whimsy to the set, making it the most perfect choice for a shower or tea party occasion. It is literally mother-approved and mother-in-law-approved.

It’s pretty, playful, purple and polished. 

And if you're looking for a set that let's you customize what you need, The Melanie pairs well with so many of our favorite add-on pieces: a crystal cocktail pitcher, glass cake plates, Borosilicate glass teapot, teacups and more. 

Tell us in the comments about a muse that inspires your hosting style.


Kyra & Ryah


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