A Minimalist Gift Guide

The idea of minimalism is at the same time refreshing and relaxing as it is stressful. How does one achieve minimalism. It's not as simple as Architectural Digest or Marie Kondo make it look!

And where do you start? Pack up all the things you own. Throw away anything that doesn't bring you joy at that moment. Unpack things only as you need them. Adopt a capsule wardrobe. Purge, digitize and downsize. Only buy something after you give something away. 

Let us suggest rather, you think about the wide world of rentals. Re-use. Share. Enjoy something beautiful and functional on loan for the exact moment that you need it. Don't worry about storing it when you don't!

 So whether it's a gift to yourself this holiday season, or to the minimalist in your life, here are a few ideas on what to gift!

Happy shopping, ahem, I mean renting. 



Choose Any 6 Items for $88/month. We're talking Free People, AGOLDE, LoveShackFancy, and so many more.


Rent a Christmas Tree

Did you know you might be able to lease a live, potted Christmas tree this holiday season? Great news for the environmentally friendly, who know real Christmas trees are more environmentally-friendly than artificial Christmas trees. After about 30 days, you return your tree to the nursery where they will keep nurturing it for the next holiday season.

There are several companies that offer this service and with a little Googling-you can find one in your area. Living near SF or visiting? Here is one great option to lease a living tree. And another great company here.

Rent Toys - Tiny Earth Toys

Shopping for a parent in your life? They probably don't want a lot of things to add to the messy, wonderful, chaos. However, if they knew they didn't have to store all the little books and balls and dolls when their little one outgrows it, they might be jumping for joy to receive your thoughtful gift! Tiny Earth Toys lets you rent age-based, plastic-free toys and say goodbye to playroom clutter. You can exchange part of or the entire kit for a new set of toys every 2 months.

And of course, we can't not shout out Table Set.

Table Set

Rent now for your own holiday gatherings coming up. Or purchase a gift card for the entertainer in your life, the over-the-top party thrower, the creative host, the minimalist. Because all three things can be true at once!


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