A Letter from our Founders

Hi, hello, and welcome to our table!

We’re so glad you’re here! We’re Kyra & Ryah - sisters, moms, brand builders, party enthusiasts, and admirers of all the pretty little things. We wanted to take a moment to share our heart behind Table Set, so grab a glass, kick up your feet, and stay awhile.

Since we were little, we’ve had a love for making the mundane an occasion, fancying up the setting, and bringing people to the table. The women in our lives instilled the art of hosting/entertaining/loving people well and intentionally from a young age. It stuck with us, not only for the beautiful kitchenwares we love to accumulate, the textiles we collect, and the florals we splurge on, but also because taking the time to invite people in and gather intentionally is so special and impactful. We’ve all felt the rush of life and now being moms, we feel that more than ever. By inviting our girlfriends, family, and strangers to our table, it’s saying “Hey, I value you. Tell me your story. Let’s leave our worries at the door and linger awhile.” I think we all could use more of that!

So where does Table Set come in? Well, in our time as party planners, party hostesses, and party goers, we’ve seen it all - the few that host effortlessly, those that want to be the ultimate hostess, and those that could but just need the right tools. I don’t know about you, but that wedding china never came through and even if it did it wouldn’t be right for the theme du jour.

Our hope is that Table Set can be your hostess hack - making your next dinner party, anniversary celebration, bridal shower, bachelorette party, or micro-wedding the fabulous fête you imagine. But even more so, we want to make it so easy on you that you actually get to attend your own party and aren’t dashing to-and-fro, only to smile briefly at your guests and then be left with the clean up. No thank you! Our table sets are designed with care, delivered right to your door with instructions and all, and then when it’s said and done packed up dirty to be sent back. We’ll take care of the dishes, you just enjoy that leftover cake.

These collections have been curated with love and intention to wow your guests. They are near and dear to our hearts, because they’re inspired by the women (and men!) that have welcomed so many to their tables with grace and with style. Take a look around and reach out if you need anything!

Cheers to you and your next reason to celebrate!


Kyra & Ryah

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