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One of my very favorite things in this world is to give gifts... right up there with receiving gifts of course. Birthday presents and Christmas presents always come with a bit of pressure, making it less fun. But when you get to present a thoughtful item or curated gift basket just because or for a seemingly 'smaller' celebration, ooh that is the good stuff. One of those types of gifts we love to put together, but we know can be tricky, is the Housewarming Gift. 

A housewarming gift can be as simple as a card for well wishes, or of course more extravagant to help the recipient settle into their new home.

There's a lot to say about the etiquette around gifting and hostess gifts, so we summed it all up in one of our Hostess Hacks.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect housewarming gift, check out some of our go-to's. Or let us know what you're tried-and-true gifts are in the comments below!

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Cuisinart Vacuum Sealer Cordless Wine Opener

If this housewarming party is happening as soon as the movers have driven off, chances are the wine opener is packed away but the gifted bottles of wine will be aplenty. Present the perfect accessory gift of this lux wine opener... and sealer to keep any leftover wine fresh. 

HANDY Gift Card for Cleaning Service

For many in the process of moving and getting settled, the idea of more stuff can be overwhelming. And perhaps you don't know what the new home owners truly need. One thing I think we can all agree we need is more time! So give the gift of time and a sparkling house via a HANDY gift card. You can choose various cleaning packages from one basic clean to more frequent cleaning, or even furniture assembly and handyman services. Plus it's easy to schedule through their app. This is a favorite gift for us to give or receive for sure!

3-Hour Cleaning

Table Set Gift Card

In the same vein, Table Set gift cards make the perfect housewarming gift. These new homeowners will be eager to show off their new home most likely. So help them settle into their new neighborhood and hosting routine with a beautiful table setting that will WOW

Gift card for Table Set

Marcelo Rattan Basket 

by kubo Home

Gift a more traditional housewarming basket (wine, bread, cutting board, candle, the works)... but make it handcrafted and made with purpose. These beautiful baskets will be on special display and used for years to come.

Marcelo Rattan Basket, Natural 10"

Vinglacé Limited Edition Wine Tennis Set

These are the things you often want, because they're très chic, but you don't often buy for yourself. This wine chiller will be the perfect companion as your friends explore their new neighborhood, or just chill in the backyard. 


Handmade Natural Root Wood Serving Bowls 

Reads unique and artisan, but still has that Amazon Prime delivery we all know, love and sometimes need. Bonus points for gifting it filled with a seasonal fruit or local pastries to enjoy later.


100% Organic Muslin Cotton Throw Blanket

Speaking of tried-and-true, you can never go wrong with a throw. Like throw pillows, one can never have too many. We love that these are super light, very high quality, and agro-friendly. 


The Utility Set

by Character

Where have you been all my life?! It's the tool set that our dads would laugh at, but that I'd like to keep on display. Not only super cute, but probably also v necessary. I feel like tools are always getting lost in a move, if we ever had them at all. Character has so many options, depending the level of Tool (Wo)man you need to be. 

The Utility SetThe Essential Set


Well there ya have it. Some truly fabulous housewarming gifts that are sure delight. Let us know of any that you think should have made the cut!




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